Women's Day (Ida Rolf)

March 8, 2018

      As we celebrate women on this special day, I would like to showcase one of the female pioneers in massage therapy. Her name was Ida Rolf, and she developed the Rolfing technique and founded the Rolfing Institute.













      She had a fascination with healing the body and viewing the body as whole and not in separate sections. That led to her getting a PhD in biological chemistry at a time when women didn’t do that. She discovered that the body could heal itself if the body had proper alignment. Thus, leading her to develop this technique of manipulating the body and the muscle to allow healing to take place. Once she had fully developed the technique she began to teach it to others which lead to her founding the Rolfing institute out in Colorado.

    Her technique has influenced a significant number of practitioners and there are several training institutes dedicated to teaching Rolfing. Her concepts have been used by a growing number of organizations and has laid the groundwork for many other techniques and concepts.




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